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Our doors will be locked during Office Hours-- but we are still open.  

 We  want to still be able to provide you in-clinic appointments, mobile appointments and medication/food pick-up. Though due to the recent events we have had to make some changes. Please view our document under "Datta News" COVID-19 for a list of the changes, or call us for more information today - 519 203 0248 - we will be happy to work with your unique needs.

Datta Veterinary Hospital

2345 Main Street
London, Ontario N6P1A7

Phone: 519-203-0248
Email: [email protected]

We welcome all new, existing and returning patients to our practice! Our team is ready to answer any of your questions, either by email or phone, whichever is more comfortable for you! Please send us a message today! 

COMING SOON (Jan 25th 2021):

Need food/pet supplies? Order right here 24/7 and get it shipped to your door!


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